Students will participate in teams of one to three people to identify, research and solve a current policy problem at either the local, state or federal level. Therefore, teams are able to choose any policy issue that matters to them (e.g. environment, health), allowing the policy competition to appeal to a wide range of disciplines.



The top three teams will win prize money of $500, $300 and $200 respectively. All participants will receive an e-certificate proving their participation in the competition.


In the first round, teams will have four weeks to formulate a policy brief outlining the following:

  • Identify or diagnose a current policy issue
  • Analyse previous approaches taken to tackle the issue and explain why these have not worked.
  • Propose new tangible approaches (two to three recommendations) and and how these could be implemented.
  • Draft an executive summary with key takeaway points (see Policy Brief Format).


In the second and final round, the 10 best teams will meet at QLD Parliament House and pitch their policy brief (including the problem, recommendations etc…). The jury panel will consist of one or two QLD Ministers as Presidents of the jury, SGIR staff and experts relevant to the policy brief topics being presented.