Q: Do I have to take a certain degree/major to participate in the event ?

A: No, you do not have to study a specific degree or major to participate in the competition. The competition was made flexible in terms of the issues so that students from any degree or majors could participate by identifying an issue relevant to them.

Q: I have never written a policy brief before, will I be at a disadvantage ?

A: No, you will not be at a disadvantage. The policy brief format is made so that anyone, whether you have experience in policy writing or not, can participate.

Q: How long should the policy brief be ?

A: The policy brief should be between 1,000 and 1,500 words.

Q: Will feedback be provided after the preliminary round ?

A: Feedback will be provided to those passing the preliminary round so they can improve and work further on their policy brief before pitching it in front of the Parliament House panel.

Q: Do I have to be physically present in Brisbane to participate ?

A: You don’t have to be physically present to participate in the first round, however, if you make it to the presentation round, then you will have to be physically present, as this will be done at Parliament House (COVID-19 permitted).

Q: I want to participate but I don’t have any teammates. Can I still participate ?

A: Yes, you can participate. We welcome teams of one to three people.

Q: How do I register for the event ?

A: You can fill in the registration form here to stay updated. Once your policy brief is ready to be submitted, please send it to info@griffithpolicycompetition.org

Q: Where can I keep up to date with the latest information ?

A: Keep up to date by following our website and regularly checking your emails, where you will be able to access a booklet and updates.

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